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Advanced Control Systems Analysis and Design

· Our engineers are experienced with the latest statistical techniques for data reduction, system identification and modeling. Such advanced techniques include State Space Analysis, Neural Nets, PLS, PCA and many others.

· With our unique combination of talents and expertise, we have been able to offer advanced control system design to both the petrochemical and semiconductor fabrication industries.

· We have the programming expertise and mathematical skills necessary to design analog and discrete MIMO control systems that enable the simultaneous control the entire state space of a process. These systems enable cost constraints or other criteria to be optimized, thus providing optimal performance of the process.

· Distributed Controls including Design Engineering, Configuration, Programming and Graphics. TCI Personnel have experience and training in most major DCS systems including, Honeywell TDC2000, 3000/GUS, Fisher Provox, Foxboro IA, Yokogawa Centum CS, and Westinghouse WDPF and Ovation.


· TCI’s experience has enabled us to provide the various industries with expert assistance in the areas unique to Digital Upgrades and Automation.  Our services include, specification, design, Human Factor Evaluations, Verification and Validation, Testing and Startup of the upgraded systems.


· We have the knowledge to create dynamic and easily navigable displays, which enhance the controllability and safety of the process. Utilizing “progressive exposure” and other advanced human factor methodologies ensures peak operator performance.


Additionally, TCI personnel conduct Operator training for an easy transition to distributed controls or transitions to upgraded DCS systems.

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