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Turbine Engineering

We offer the following services in Generator and Turbine Engineering:

· Independent expert assessment of the Root Cause Analysis report of the events.

· Independent review of the collateral damage, i.e. components and systems that unlike their non-obvious appearance may suffer damage or significant life reduction due to undesirable events.


· Independent development of the strategic technical decisions/peer reviews, including available recovery options.

· Design Review (DR) of component repair and

       -      Set up DR approach and expectations            

       -      Develop critical areas of concern and related specific questions

       -      Review of vendor recommendation and related design documentations

       -      Provide technical assist during face-to-face DR meetings

       -      Prepare design report

       -      Recovery scope presentations to Sr. management

· Various repair and recovery activities for unique technical issues such as:

       -      Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME),

-      Risk assessment of critical parts replacement versus repair

-      Assessment of consequential damage, i.e. magnetism, surface hardening, heat         treatment, remaining margins assessment, etc.

· Engineering assessment of repair and recovery activities for the damaged components of Turbine/Generator such as:

-     Bearings

-     Turbine Diaphragms

-     Fasteners

-     Seals

-     Casings

· Provide expert technical services in following areas:

-     Rotor Dynamics and Torsional Vibration       

-     Blade (bucket) design and manufacturing

-     Stress corrosion cracking

-     Assessment of interfaces         

-     Margins assessment    

-     Steam path evaluation    

-     Review and recommendations for Normal and Abnormal plant operation

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