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Civil/Structural Engineering

 Engineering Services for analysis, design, modification and retrofit of building/structures

 Construction Field Supports

 Cat I Structures Seismic Evaluation including Soil-Structure Interaction and generation of in-structure seismic response spectra

 Seismic Equipment Qualifications of mechanical and electrical equipment, and I/C modules, especially anchorages and supports

 Design Basis Threat (DBT) and security related nuclear plant barriers evaluations considering effects of explosives and impact by large vehicles

 Engineering evaluation of safety related container drops per Design Basis requirements

 Engineering evaluation of structure boundary integrity for tornado missiles

 Blast analysis for natural gas explosion in support of the Independent Fuel Storage Facilities

 Civil and Structural analysis and design for the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations

 Decommissioning Projects including planning, demolition conceptual design, structural analysis, and field supports

 Seismic evaluation of concrete containment and steel containment with large openings and cut-outs

 Stability analysis of partially supported large safety related mechanical equipment for safe packaging, removal and transportation (e.g., reactor vessel, steam generators, RCP motors and pumps, etc.)

 Engineering services for Steam Generator Replacement Projects for nuclear power plant life extension, including procurement documents preparation, review, and signed-off, vendor bid submittal documents review and approval, maintenance and revision of engineering specifications, etc.

 Engineering services for Steam Generator Replacement Projects for plant life extension, including updates and revisions of civil calculation packages and design basis documents (UFSAR, DBDs, etc.)

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